What does Medica 3 Dent offer you?

Quality, politeness, hygiene, lowest prices, relaxing atmosphere and comfort.

Dental practice “Medica 3 Dent” is one of the leading dental practices on the Eastern coast of the Black sea. The dental offices are located in the cities of Shumen, Varna, and the luxury resort Golden Sands, so you can take complex care of your health and beauty, your body and teeth. You can combine the magical effects of the sun, sea water and algae with highly technological and qualified dental treatment.

What makes us stand out from the crowd?

Health, beauty and wellness

The entire team of “Medica 3 Dent” works to improve your standard of living and quality of life. The symbiosis between years of experience and the new generation of dental medicine experts guarantees the best solution to your problems and desires, while enhancing your self-esteem.

In 2001, “Medica 3 Dent” became part of the world’s dental family by going out on the international market. This is a very flexible dental practice with a strong presence on both the local and external markets – there’s a steady flow of patients from England, Germany, Israel, Scandinavian countries, Russia and other countries. The practice works with NHIF Bulgaria and the German Healthcare funds, as well as many insurance companies around the world.


Dr. Todorova and her team work to raise your standard of living and your quality of life for your better state of mind


Dental practice “Medica 3 Dent” offers planned trips for individual patients and organized patient groups. Our motto is “Save and enjoy” – you will cut on your dental treatment expenses with 50% to 75% by visiting one of the most beautiful and hospitable countries - Bulgaria.